Die Zahl und die Sirene
Meillassoux Quentin, Die Zahl und die Sirene (Zurich: diaphanes, 2011).
Quentin Meillassoux
Die Zahl und die Sirene
Zurich: diaphanes, 2013
135 x 210 mm, 240
Offset, Paperback

"Let us come straight to the point: This book proposes to bring to light a procedure of encryption housed within Stéphane Mallarmé's Coup de dés. This procedure, once deciphered, allows the precise determination of the 'unique Number' enigmatically evoked in the poem.
We thus claim:
a) that Mallarmé's poem is coded;
b) that the ability to read this code is a condition of the true comprehension of the Coup de dés, since it elucidates one of its essential components, namely the nature of the Number. "

Quentin Meillasoux

The volume contains the entire text of the UN COUP DE DÉS, in French and German on eleven plates numbered [I] to [XI].

The PREFACE and following two blank pages are not reproduced.