, OCTOBER 42 BROODTHAERS (Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1987).
, OCTOBER 42 BROODTHAERS (Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1987).
ed. Benjamin H. D. Buchloh
with contributions by Rainer Borgemeister, Benjamin H. D. Buchloh, Joan Copjec, Douglas Crimp, Yves Gevaert, Rosalind Krauss, Annette Michelson, Michael Oppitz, Birgit Pelzer, Anne Rorimer, Dieter Schwarz, Dirk Snauwaert
Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1987
230 x 180 mm, 210
Offset, perfect binding

"While the original impulse to edit this issue was occasioned in part by the tenth anniversary of Broodthaers's death, it also originated in the desire to counteract both the work's obscurity and the falsification inherent in its art historical institutionalization. Moreover, it was our desire to have Marcel Broodthaers's work reconsidered (or rather, since it is all but unknown in the United States, to suggest it for a first consideration) in relation to currently dominant cultural practices and their respective capacity and willingness to re flect upon their discursive, institutional, and economic status."

Benjamin H. D. Buchloh in the Introductory Note

The back cover features an Untitled Poem by Marcel Broodthaers, 1968. It includes the whole phrase UN COUP DE DÉS JAMAIS N‘ABOLIRA LE HASARD and is comparing the alphabet to a dice, referring to the 26 letters as sides of a dice.