ASP 4, ICA London, December 9th 2018
ASP4, London ICA, December 2018

Artist Self-Publishers Fair - 'The Forth'
Sunday 9 December 2018, 11am - 7pm, ICA Theatre (free) 

The fair will, like its predecessors, feature over seventy British and international independent artist self-publishers for the one-day fair. As with the 2015,16 and 17 editions, the fair will show artist self-publishers only and will continue to avoid the restrictions and market dominance that affects much of contemporary arts culture. The publications are still the art works: affordable and available, free from the fetters of the institution or gallery, the ideas, images and text are produced and published by artists who understand the restrictions and freedoms of the printed page.

Talks Programme: Saturday 8 December 2018, 2 - 6pm, ICA Cinema (ticketed) 

Exhibitors: BoiHugo,, 53 BECK Road, 54 The Gate, Adam Gallagher and Friends of the E.A.R.F., Alex Pollard, Ami Clarke - Banner Repeater, Antoine Lefebvre, Arnaud Desjardin, Au Bureau, Behind the X, Bronze Age, Buried Zine, Bus, Clod, Control, Dan Szor, David Lindert, Dick Jewell, eeodo, Eilis Searson, Erik van der Weijde, Ethan Hayes-Chute, General Equivalent, Gregor Wright, GRR, Guilty Pleasures, Hannah Sawtell, Hard Mag, Hate Magazine, Hidden Eggs, Hitozine, Jamie and Rickie, Jeremy Glogan, John Russell, Judas Companion, Kate Morrell, Lawrence Leaman, Le Bourgeois, Luke Dowd, Markus Vater, Marlie Mul and Aurelia Guo, Matthias Connor, Melanie Coles, Michael Crowe, Michalis Pichler, Milly Thompson, Morbid Books, Nervemeter, OCR, OOMK, Owen Piper, Phillipa Horan, Pound Shop, Racheal Crowther, Rachel Cattle, Richard Dodwell, Richard Parry, Richard Roberts, Sara MacKillop, Sarah Cameron, Schizm, SEX+, Simon Popper, Soft Regime, Starship, Stuart Bannocks, Stuart McKenzie, Susu Laroche, Talker, Tamsin Clark & Richard Bevan, Valinia Svoronou , William Cobbing, X Marks the Bokship and ztscrpt