Recent Acquisitions Exhibition at La Jolla Athenaeum

Main Gallery
1008 Wall Street, La Jolla, CA 92037
 Recent Acquisitions
On view February 18-March 24, 2012
Opening Reception, Friday, February 17, 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Free Admission


No problem = No problème: Albert Oehlen, Martin Kippenberger
Definitions, David Antin
Being Antinova, Eleanor Antin
Eleanora Antinova plays, Eleanor Antin
Brutus killed Caesar, John Baldessari
Fable, John Baldessari
Throwing three balls in the air to get a straight line, John Baldessari

This an example of that, John Baldessari & Koen van den Broek
It's raining cats & dogs, Bay Park Press
16 situations, Derek Boshier
Jef Geys voor beginners, Jef Geys
Incomplete requiem for W.C. Fields, Al Hansen
Testimonials, Allan Kaprow
Words, Allan Kaprow, Gift of Coryl Crane Kaprow
Click, Allan Kaprow & Sherry Stewart
The refusal of time, William Kentridge & Peter L. Galison
Der Eiermann und seine Ausleger, Martin Kippenberger
The cursive Scandinavian salve, Bengt af Klintberg
Tilted forms: walldrawings, Sol LeWitt
& milk: today is just a copy of yesterday, Jonathan Monk
Deflation, Jonathan Monk
The reason why I am here is the reason why I am here, Jonathan Monk
Studio visit, Jonathan Monk
Etchings and posters, István Orosz, Gift of Wita Gardiner
Six hands and a cheese sandwich, Michalis Pichler
Some fallen umbrellas and something else, Michalis Pichler
A poem of beavers: Seneca journal 1, Jerome Rothenberg
Poland 1931, Jerome Rothenberg
The 17 horse songs of Frank Mitchell, nos. X-XIII, Jerome Rothenberg & Ian Tyson
The water book: lanes of thought, Sibyl Rubottom
Books on books, Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié
Manuscript, Scripps College Press
"Meta", Jean Tinguely, Gift of Aldis & Maria Browne
Book of an extremely glad artist, Endre Tót
Very special drawings, Endre Tót
[Triangle]'s: two pinwheels, Richard Tuttle
Catalogus: ale yevonim hobn eyn ponim, Lawrence Weiner
Dicht bij, Lawrence Weiner
If in fact there is a context, Lawrence Weiner
Learn to read art, Lawrence Weiner
Suomi Finland: passi pass passport, Lawrence Weiner
Syntax of dependency, Lawrence Weiner & Liam Gillick


The Athenaeum Music & Arts Library has earned a reputation as one of the outstanding art galleries and art collectors in San Diego. The Athenaeum’s art exhibition program, begun in the 1920s, has grown tremendously in both scope and recognition, particularly in the past 20 years.

Exhibitions are presented in three gallery spaces: the Main Gallery, the Rotunda Gallery, and the North Reading Room. Approximately eight exhibitions per year are presented in each. Exhibitions in the Main Gallery focus on nationally and internationally recognized artists. The Rotunda Gallery emphasizes community partnerships or emerging regional artists. Art in both galleries are related to the Athenaeum’s other focuses, namely books or music. Works have included limited edition artists' books, drawing, painting, site-specific installations, photography, sculpture, collage, mixed media, architecture, and calligraphy.