The Term Artists Book Is Problematic (Pedestal Problem)
Wed, 7 June, 2023 - Sun, 2 July, 2023

[EXHIBITION] Michalis Pichler: The Term Artists Book Is Problematic (Pedestal Problem)

June.7 2023 – July.2 2023


Michalis Pichler is a contemporary artist known for his multidisciplinary practice that encompasses visual art, writing, publishing, and curating. He explores themes of language, communication, and the dissemination of information in his works.

The exhibition at Bananafish Gallery Artist’s Book as a Term Is Problematic seeks to challenge the traditional understanding of the term “Artist book” as a static and limited concept, exploring Michalis Pichler’s perspective that the term itself is problematic and restricts the possibilities of book-based artistic practices. Through multimedia installations, text-based sculptures, and performative elements, Pichler blurs the line between literature and visual art. By showcasing Pichler’s decades’ of works which push the boundaries of bookmaking. The exhibition also encourages visitors to reconsider their preconceived notions of what constitutes an artist book.