Getarnter Frosch, Kulturpalast Wedding International

Konzert und Ausstellung

am Freitag, 5.April 2013 um 20 Uhr

Nichts sehen / Nichts hören / Kunst verstecken:


Nothing to see / Nothing to hear / Hiding Art
In accordance with the Easter tradition, we present an interactive festival between art and music. The festival is more about hiding than showing art. We present a room full with art and music, where you don`t see anything at first sightb by stepping into the gallery. Numerous artists placed their works in our space. There is also the possibility to bring works spontaneously during the exhibition night.

NINE SWIMMING SONNETS, Michalis Pichler, 2011

& : Christophe Daviet-Thery Livres et Editions d’Artistes 34 rue Louise Weiss 75013 Paris tel : + 33(0)1 53 79 05 95 fax : + 33(0)1 43 54 74 93 www.

Christophe Daviet-Thery would be delighted to welcome you to the upcoming exhibition
at the gallery on 12th April - 22th May, 2013.
Vernissage: Friday 12th April at 6pm-9pm


Stanley Brouwn 1 m x 1 m Portikus Frankfurt 1993

Esthétique du livre d’artiste, collections et inventaires

curated by / Commissariat:   Anne Moeglin-Delcroix

Alighiero Boetti, Christian Boltanski, George Brecht, Stanley Brouwn, Jeffrey Brouws, Ludovic Burel, Ulises Carrión,
Bernhard Cella, Maxime Chanson, Claude Closky, Simon Cutts, herman de vries, Mark Dion, documentation céline duval, Patrick Dubrac, Jean-Baptiste Farkas, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Robert Filliou, Antonio Gallego, Anne-Valérie Gasc,
Marie-Ange Guilleminot, Dick Higgins, On Kawara, Erik Kessels, Pascal Le Coq, Jean Claude Lefevre, Sol Lewitt, Jackson Mac Low, Roberto Martinez, Bruce Mclean, Annette Messager, Jonathan Monk, La Monte Young, Simon Morris, Maurizio Nannucci, Michalis Pichler, Peter Piller, Richard Prince, Hubert Renard, Yann Sérandour,
Mieko Shiomi, Daniel Spoerri, Dieter Roth, Jean-Jacques Rullier, Allen Ruppersberg, Edward Ruscha, claude rutault, Erica Van Horn, Wolf Vostell, Hans Waanders, Éric Watier


SUMMUM BONUM, Michael Otto, Bürgerschloss Hohenschönhausen

Programm ab 19 Uhr:

Musik von Alexander Binus (Gitarre) und Sebastian Kunzke (Tuba) und einer Lesung mit Michalis Pichler

Boys! Männer!  Michalis Pichler Lubok Verlag 2013

We proudly present our first new release of the year:

The Berlin based artist and self publisher Michalis Pichler works conceptually, often in series and with vernacular material. 

He uses various media like text, publication, photography and collages but also sculpture and interventions in public space. 

He calls his works «appropriations». This refers to the Appropriation Art, that arose in the 80s in New York. 

Their protagonists deliberately create copies of art works, thus as an independent artistic practice to question the established idea of artistic originality. 

The publication shows 24 full-page reproductions of advertisement pages of magazines. Their profane familiarity is interrupted by cut-outs and collages. 

Boys! Männer! with 24 full-page figures in a four-colour offset print, paperback, 24 pages, 21,6x14,6 cm, edition of 500, 12,- EUR

ARTISTS Prints, Brussels, Komplot 2013


PREVIEW 22.03.13 5-8 PM FREE
23-24.03.13 2-7 PM

THE DARK WOULD language art anthology

Edited by Philip Davenport

This is a moment in time when poets and many artists share the same primary material: language. Conceptual art, vispo, text art, outsider art, conceptual poetry, flarf, concrete poetry, live art, L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E, sound scores… THE DARK WOULD is a compelling document of now, alchemising text into art into text.

THE DARK WOULD gathers work by over 100 contributors including some of the most noted artists and poets alive today.

Ed Ruscha, 2013

Gagosian Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of Ed Ruscha’s legendary artist books together with books and works of art by more than 100 contemporary artists that respond directly and diversely to Ruscha’s original project. Organized by Bob Monk, “Ed Ruscha Books & Co.” has been drawn from private collections, including Ruscha’s own. Most of the books are installed so that viewers can interact with them and browse their pages.


PORTRAIT, Michalis Pichler, 2013

Publish and Be Damned 2013

2 March 2013


The annual Publish and Be Damned self-publishers fair returns for its second collaboration with the ICA. The fair features 40 publishers with experimental editorial directions and distribution strategies operating outside the mainstream.

The Feverish Library (continued)  January 19 - February 23, 2013 Opening Satu

The Feverish Library

January 19 - February 23, 2013
Opening Saturday, January 19